Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stuttgart Part 2

Time for the second half of our trip to Stuttgart! Another delicious breakfast spread waiting for us. Eating breakfast with the Grözingers is a bit reminiscent of eating on the cruise; I always eat too much delicious food.

After our wonderful breakfast we went to the Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Museum. Cars are not my biggest point of interest however this was a really nice museum. I have never been to a museum that had endless money to put into it, the whole experience was excellent.

This was a really nice area they had for kids. Stations where you can design your own car.

Here we are in the space elevator! It felt like we were in Star Trek.

Space Elevator from afar.

The history of Mercedes-Benz.

The first beer truck!

Wedding photos in the museum! This was the first of 4 or 5 brides we saw. I made Alissa 
promise me to NOT get her wedding photos in the Mercedes-Benz museum.

 I loved this bus.

There was a lot of good history presented along with the cars. The museum did a really nice job of presenting the car history within the broader historical context.

Car exterior swatches from different years.

The museum started at the top (space elevator) and you walked around the outside 
to the different levels. This gave us a rotating 360º view of Stuttgart. 

Elke, Alissa and I on the interactive display.

I liked the classic UniMog.

Eric was in love with this luxury sedan from the 80's- I was a little confused by this.

Race car exhibit.

Mercedes-Benz Museum was a hit! Right next to the museum is the Mercedes-Benz arena. There was a big soccer game about to happen and the mounted riot police were on patrol. I had never seen a side loading horse trailer before.

After a quick lunch it was time for another museum- the Pig Museum!

Pigs are everywhere!

A mini version of 'Pass the Pigs' in the gift shop.

The museum was not really about the history of pigs; 
it was more a showcase of pig memorabilia. Like pigs in art!
(Note- I am showcasing the pig art I liked, there was a whole lot of weird and creepy pig art...)

Paper cut outs!

A wall about the different pig breeds.

Pig stamps.

The room of Piggy Banks.

Pig games!

 Just one of the pig figurine rooms.

Stone pigs.

Glass pigs.

Kaiser pig!

Mirrored room of pig stuffed animals. Things got weirder as the museum went on.
Just be glad I am not showing you photos of the 'Piggy Peep Show' room.

Mermaid riding a pig dolphin??

I was happy to find this horse!

By the end of the pig museum this is how I felt.

 After our full day in Stuttgart we got a lovely home cooked Swabian meal. I love eating home cooked meals from the Grözingers; it makes me feel like I am really experiencing Germany!

The next day we had to head back to Marburg. Here we are waiting for our train. 
The strange man on the bench is actually Gerhardt!

Thank you Grözingers for another wonderful weekend! 
Stuttgart was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to seeing you again!